Rent Sailboat Dufour 410 in Ibiza

When it comes to adventure, there is nothing better than going to the sea, the ocean allows you to forget about routine, it helps you to connect with yourself and enjoy one of the wonders of nature, as well as lending itself to meetings With family or friends, you can dive and be part of the marine world. Do not waste any more time and join the adventure of renting a boat in Ibiza to enjoy some magical days by the sea.

Rent a Dufour 410 in Ibiza

Dufour 410, a dream sailboat

Before renting a sailboat in Ibiza you must first know what options are available and which models are the best for the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, one of the most loved boats by all is the Dufour 410, since it is a sports sailboat , beautiful inside and out, elegant and comfortable, it is also well distributed to make the trip an unforgettable moment.

This sailboat was built in 2016, has capacity for 7 people, is divided into 3 cabins, 6 berths, 2 bathrooms with hot water and water container, kitchen with electric refrigerator, has a 34 horsepower engine and equipment of security for the entire crew.

Renting a sailboat in Ibiza is one of the favorite activities for tourists. We, as a good company, offer you all the information you need to know about the rental of this boat.

The reservation is made through our website in an easy and fast way, you just have to fill in the requested information and in a short time you will already have one of the best sailboats in the nautical market.

Is it safe to travel on a sailboat?

Safety goes hand in hand with caution, as long as you follow the rules and start the sailboat as it should, we guarantee your safety at all times.

The sailboat is a reliable and safe means of transport, additionally equipped with emergency items, if any.

Therefore, you do not have to worry if you want to rent a sailboat in Ibiza, this activity is really safe for the whole family.

Do not miss the opportunity to make the trip of your dreams, check with us your availability and we will be answering immediately, you can enter the website and see the options we have for you.

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