Why have a good bow propeller?

Every boat has a series of elements that facilitate its operation in the open sea, however, with the propellers that a traditional boat usually has, it is much more difficult to perform maneuvers in the water, so it is recommended to count the bow thrusters.

These manoeuvring propellers for boats are located in the bow, allowing modern boats to carry out a series of evasive manoeuvres of all types, without causing any problems, taking into account that it may be necessary to carry them out and on some occasions, the equipment is not available.

They are pieces of a regulated size according to the type of boat, made of stainless steel and are located in the bow or in the stern to allow the execution of all kinds of maneuvers more easily, because the traditional propellers require a large crew to execute these maneuvers.

Considering the benefits it has to offer, a great majority of boats already have this important accessory established in their bow, ensuring that they can maneuver more easily, even when they do not have the necessary crew to do so.

Generally, they are used in boats over 12 meters long, because they are more efficient in boats that have that size, unlike smaller boats that have more ease to maneuver.

It is also important to consider that these stern propellers can take up a lot of space from the bow of a boat, so it is recommended to have models that are more submerged or retractable, avoiding taking up as much space as possible.

The nautical shop that brings this kind of accessories for you
The Max Power bow thrusters, Lewmar bow thrusters or Quick bow thrusters are widely considered as excellent tools to improve the mobility of a boat during its performance at sea, so it is important to have this type of accessory in boats over 12 meters long.

That is why, www.barcos.Online brings you a great variety of models, so you can search in this incredible nautical store the option that best suits your boat and can fulfill its function. Each and every one of its models has the following characteristics:

They are made of stainless steel or anti-corrosive materials, which allows for greater use of these parts without suffering damage from exposure to salt and water.
They guarantee the opportunity to carry out manoeuvres, allowing the captain to take the boat to the most confined spaces.
They come in different models, including those that use one or two propellers, folding ones, conventional ones, those that turn in the opposite direction or in the same direction and many more.

And among its best models, this nautical shop has the option of acquiring a 24V Max Power CT325 manoeuvring propeller, free of corrosion and for an economic price of 6,956.06 ? in exchange for the durability of this great product.

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